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Our Vision

More than 40 years since its founding, Trans World Entertainment continues to be the leader in entertainment retail – adapting, innovating, and anticipating the needs of our customers. Through software development, data, and best-in-class delivery, we’ve created a 360° multi-channel experience that reaches our customers through physical retail storefronts, online marketplaces, and direct websites.

After decades of acquisitions and growth, change and evolution, Trans World Entertainment stands alone for one simple reason: Our ability to adapt and set the pace for entertainment retail.

A 360° Retail Experience

In 2016, Trans World Entertainment acquired etailz, Inc., an independently operated digital marketplace retailer across all product categories. etailz uses a data-driven approach and proprietary software to grow brands on Amazon, Jet, eBay, Walmart, and Alibaba in the U.S. and internationally.

Through blending this online marketplace expertise with access to Trans World’s nearly 270 brick & mortar stores and direct websites, we have created a complete retail experience like you’ve never seen before.

We cultivate legendary partnerships

We are passionate about bridging the gap between the entertainment industry and our customers. Through fostering decades-long relationships with iconic brands such as Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Twentieth Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros., Hanteo Chart, and others, we are able to deliver our customers a unique entertainment perspective through innovative and creative products from their favorite pop culture brands.

Over 40 years of history

The beginning | 1970s

Trans World was founded in 1972 by Robert J. Higgins and opened its first retail store in 1973 under the name Record Town. Within 10 years, the business had grown to 38 stores by capitalizing on the burgeoning mall phenomenon.

A booming industry | 1980s

The entertainment industry changed with the introduction of CDs and home video in the late ‘80s, and Trans World quickly expanded as a result. By 1994, Trans World owned and operated 712 stores.

Soaring success | 1990s

As profits continued to soar throughout the ‘90s, Trans World acquired Strawberries, Inc., a 90-store music retailer operating in the New England area. That same year, Trans World signed a definitive agreement to acquire Camelot Music Holdings, one of its largest national competitors.

Strategic growth | 2000s

As the entertainment industry began to change throughout the 2000’s with the introduction of streaming, Trans World continued to add to its core business by acquiring Wherehouse Entertainment and Musicland, its biggest competitor.

Into the future | 2016 – Present

Trans World has always been in tune with the changes of the industry. To combat dipping sales due to decreased mall traffic, the company made the strategic decision to embrace the leading platform in online merchandise sales: Amazon. In 2016, Trans World Entertainment acquired etailz, Inc., a leading digital marketplace retailer. This natural partnership has reaffirmed Trans World’s status as the pacesetter in multi-channel retail.

Trans World Executive Officers

Michael Feurer

Chief Executive Officer

Michael continually incites growth at Trans World through his approach to bridging the gap between finance and creativity in the fast-paced, flexible, dynamic, omnichannel environment. Over the course of his 20+ years of multi-channel merchandising, he has proven the ability to engineer and deliver both high growth strategies and reinvention initiatives. Prior to joining Trans World as CEO in 2014, Michael was Senior Vice President of Merchandising for 9 years at Coldwater Creek. Other past experience includes 9 years with Gap, where he planned their Japanese, European, and Canadian markets.

Bruce J. Eisenberg

Executive Vice President of Real Estate

Bruce joined Trans World in 1993 and has served as Vice President of Real Estate, Senior Vice President of Real Estate, and has been the Executive Vice President of Real Estate since May 2001. Prior to joining Trans World, Bruce was responsible for leasing, finance, and construction of new regional mall development at The Pyramid Companies.

Ed Sapienza

Chief Financial Officer

Ed began his career with Trans World in 1993 and has served in positions of increasing responsibility including; Manager and Director of External Reporting, Director of Financial Planning, and Vice President of Strategy & Finance along with being the Company Secretary before his most recent promotion to Chief Financial Officer in 2018.

etailz Executive Officers

Kunal Chopra

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of etailz, Kunal manages the company’s strategic direction. Kunal brings over 15 years of executive experience with industry-leading companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Groupon, where he managed P&L, built teams, improved processes, and launched numerous global products and services. Kunal is passionate about the intersection of retail and technology, and brings that rigor daily to etailz.

Mitchell Bailey

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Mitchell has played a significant role in etailz’s development throughout his time with the company. Skilled in his ability to adapt, lead, and efficiently execute, Mitchell helps lead etailz into the future. Through varying roles at etailz over the years, he has gleaned a wealth of knowledge regarding the company and the ecommerce industry.

Brock Kowalchuk

Senior Vice President of Finance

Brock provides financial thought leadership to etailz, drawing on his background in Funding, Trading, and Strategy at Goldman Sachs to spur meaningful improvements across the company. Brock’s non-traditional finance background of aerospace engineering and data science equips him with a unique lens from which to question the status quo and drive financial performance.